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New guy looking for some direction.

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    I am in the second year of a computer programming major and recently took a basic webdesign course. I found it interesting but it only scratched the surface and I want to learn more. I signed up for javascript, graphics and web technologies for next semester (dreamweaver etc.) but am looking for some books or web tutorials I can take advantage of during the break. The course I’ve taken gives basic HTML, CSS, and XML instruction. Does anyone have any suggestions of books or sites that would build from that foundation. One thing I know that is lacking in the course load is information pertaining to publishing and maintaining sites (you know the back end stuff). The criteria I am looking for is something that isn’t too complicated and I can conquer in the three weeks between semesters. It would also be nice if it would give me the ability to take on freelance work from craig’slist. Thanks so much for any suggestions. I read the site daily even though some of it is over my head.

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    are some good starting points, Read the blogs as well as tutorials, nothing like some real good quality insight from some of the best around.

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    Hey @jazzgnat, a great beginners to intermediate book for CSS is this one: CSS: The Missing Manuals. They also have a javascript book but it focuses more on jquery then raw javascript.

    You could pay $25 a month and sign up to Treehouse. It’s pay as you go so you could just do it for a month between semesters. also has some great courses for javascript. It’s also $25 a month. Those are both definitely worthwhile investments in my opinion, especially when compared with the cost of schooling these days!

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