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Critique: Call to Action Header

  • # May 23, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Hey everybody, I’d really appreciate critiques of my call to action header on this page:

    This website still has quite a bit of work to do so I’m really only looking for critiques tot the call to action section which is the gray area with the “They Sell Patients, We Sell Websites,” a picture of a doctor, and a sub-menu. Also, don’t worry about the resizing ugliness right now.

    I really am looking for critiques. I appreciate when people like a design but I appreciate knowing what can be done to make it better even more. Any changes will probably be added in the final design.

    A few notes about the target market:
    – They tend to be older 35 on the very low end to 65, in general. Most will fall between 50 and 65.
    – They’re not tech savvy
    – They’re busy, very busy

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