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Fall 2013 Speaking Gigs

Published by Chris Coyier


  1. An Event Apart


    Would love to go there and enjoy one of your down-to-earth talks Chris, but mostly to get a chance to meet you.

    Good luck man.

  2. J Singh
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    A special request Chris. Would you please link to the videos of these speaks. I live in india, and wouldn’t be available for any of these conferences. Please, give the video links. I want to see your talks and learn more. I’m already a lodge member, + these talks would be awesome.

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    It would be great if you had some shows near Ohio. We have developers over here too. Plus I would enjoy seeing you speak and getting to meet you.

  4. Rob
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    Hey Chris, ever thought about doing a talk in the UK again? Would be great to see you at Handheld Conf one year in Cardiff, it would also be great to meet you.

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    I can’t believe I let An Event Apart that you’re speaking at, IN Austin, slip through my fingers! Dote!

  6. Will
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    Looking forward to hearing you at An Event Apart SF.

  7. EricM
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    What would be even better than having conferences near any particular location would be to support the idea of somebody putting on an affordable conference. Even if one was held in my city I couldn’t afford to go…some of us are trying to get into the business.

    • 110% agree.

      AEA is one of the best Web Design/Dev conferences in the industry, but it’s expensive as hell. Not anyone can afford $1,240.00 just like that.

      I was able to go for 3 consecutive years (2010, 2011 and 2012) but only because the company I worked for paid for it, otherwise, no way José.

      Web Design/Dev conferences should be like the GPL license: Free to use, study, share and modify ><

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    I will be attending css dev conf. Really hoping to see some ghosts as well!

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