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Digging Into WordPress – in Print!

Published by Chris Coyier

The print version of Digging Into WordPress the book is now available here. It's been an awesome journey, taking this from idea to final product and having 100% control over everything. That is a story for another post, for now let's take a look at the book!

How much is it?

It's $67, and automatically comes with the PDF version (more on that later). We realize that is toward the high end of the scale. There are a variety of reasons for this.

  • This is 400 pages of full-color printing.
  • We aren't printing in massive quantities. In printing, the less you run the more you pay per-piece.
  • It has been a ton of work getting this all together. Aside from some very helpful folks who helped us find errors after the PDF went out, every inch of it has been done by myself, Jeff, or our friends and family. We don't have the efficiency of a company that does this day in and day out.

Believe me, our margins are fairly tight on this.

We are shipping internationally. But as you might suspect, it costs a good bit more. I asked the post office for the cheapest possible way to get it overseas, and places like the United Kingdom and Germany were around $28, so that's what we need to charge.

In the United States, shipping is closer to $5.00. Illinois sales are subject to sales tax; international sales get VAT.

Already have the PDF?

First things first, as promised, if you already purchased the PDF and want a print copy of the book, you are entitled to a discount. Here is what you do:

  1. Email us at (or use the contact form). Either forward us your receipt or just provide us with the full name and email used when buying the book.
  2. We'll send you a discount code you can use during checkout.
  3. The code will be valued at whatever you paid for the book plus $5 off. So if you paid the full $27 for the PDF, we'll send you a code worth $32. So you'll end up paying $35. This helps us keep our margins intact and not lose money on these print books.


My favorite... it's spiral bound! For once, a tech book that will lay flat next to your keyboard.

Every page is full color!

And of course the slew of stuff we talk about. Perhaps most importantly, free updates to the PDF version for life. We already have plans in the works for updates. As a buyer, you'll be emailed a free download link when those new versions go out.

How it affects the affiliate program

Our affiliate program for the book pays (a rocking) 50% for sales of the PDF. That part doesn't change. But we obviously can't afford to pay 50% for book sales. For book sales we are going to give 20%. What that works out to is basically the same exact payout for either purchase: $13.50 for a PDF sale, $13.40 for a book sale. Pretty damn good if you ask me. I've literally PayPal'd out thousands of dollars to affiliates.

Much love

Look at my family hard at work!

... and in case you missed it at the top, it's available here.


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    This is what I have been waiting for.. I got the pdf but have found it difficult reading.. I’m old so a book is just what the doctor ordered.. will be ordering one of these right off. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

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    I will definitely be buying this. Thanks for such a great resource!

  3. Greg
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    Chris, this book looks absolutely beautiful. Great choice with the spiral binding! My interest in getting the book went from mildly- to fairly-interested just on the look and binding alone. :)

  4. Brian
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    Awesome! Can’t wait to get my copy.

  5. Permalink to comment#

    woow! Looks different then normal books.I like it!
    I will order my soon!

  6. Permalink to comment#

    Congrats, Chris! Ordered a copy this morning.

  7. Darren
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    I was waiting for this. I couldnt get into reading the pdf, im not a ebook kinda guy

  8. Permalink to comment#

    Excellent. Too bad for the steep shipping prices, me living in Europe. Guess I stick with the pdf.

  9. I got the PDF and printed it myself since I prefer real pages to virtual ones. Glad I did because the price for the printed book (even considering the discount) is pretty high.

    I realize that you have to cover your costs, but I still think that $67 for those who are not eligible for a discount is very high. I hope you can sell the book though because it’s a great read and I am enjoying it very much.

  10. Drew
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    I don’t think the price is too high. Most computer related books are astronomically priced to begin with, but given that the topic of this book is akin to a very specific niche, I don’t think being on the higher end will hurt. Bon chance amigo!

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    Chris. Excited to receive the book. The price is nothing compared to how helpful your site has been during my development. Can’t wait to learn from the book too.

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    How much of the profits from this book are going to the creators and development team at WordPress.

    Surely, with a price like this – they’ll be compensated as well?

    • Permalink to comment#

      You mean, that every Photoshop book sends money to Adobe, every PHP book sends money to PHP team etc? As far as I am concerned, it actually works the other way around – companies often hire credible writers to write books about their software. The more info is available, the better for the company.

  13. SpeedGun
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    Remember it takes time, effort, and money to make a book, so don’t diss the book just because it costs a seemingly high amount ;)

    @Chris Coyier: Sounds interesting I might get it some time :)

  14. Snookerman
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    I would really like this book and I understand that the costs had to be a bit high, but I just can’t afford 95 dollars yet.. I really wish I could though.. any chance this will get a bit cheaper in the future? It would be awesome if you had a little contest for the css-tricks readers and gave a copy for free! :)

  15. Felipe Arima
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    Hey Chris!

    Very nice looking! But still the freight is a killing part.
    I will probably buy a PDF version, but have you ever consider to have partners printing books on-demand in different countries?

    You can centralize the orders in your website and distribute them to your partners to print and deliver from closer locations, I’m sure you would be albe to maintain your margins.

    Just a tought that might help you to increase sales. If you consider doing this I would be very glad to help you in the South America region, Brazil in my case ;)

    Cheers and happy new year!

  16. Coyier. Dude. Your book rocks.

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    You guys (Coyier & Starr) deserve every single penny. Gosh this rocks, I’ll be ordering this one too.

  18. Great book. I got the PDF. What’s next on the menu for Chris Coyier?

  19. Tony Bricko
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    The book looks AMAZING! Congratulations on getting this out there. Must have been a huge project.

    I’m saving my pennies for the printed copy and I know it’s gonna be a worthwhile investment.

  20. Looks like a good book, I’ve sent it off to my Junior Designers for review to see if they’d like a copy for their desk!

    I love the spiral bound sides, that is a fantastic idea and something the IT side of my brain has wondered why the designers didn’t use for years! But I have to admit… that cover, that is very much an web designer making a print design cover:). You’ve essentially mirrored the Apple default desktop with lots of Photoshop styles in a website, inset design. It scares me a little.

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    the book looks great and very interesting, going to order one for my self soon..ooh and congratulations and happy holidays :)


  22. Craig Allen
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    Just ordered mine – already have the PDF version. I really appreciate your guys’ attention to detail (even down to the binding). Can’t wait for it to come in the mail!

  23. suciu vlad
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    I find it a bit expensive. With shipping it comes to a total of 106$(in my country).

  24. Permalink to comment#

    $67 steep but I was willing to buy till I noticed it was $106 with shipping. :(

    I am sure its a great book. Print quality looks great too.

  25. Permalink to comment#

    Wow! The book looks amazing! I will buy your book dude, although it is a bit expensive for my country! Congratulations, the design is awesome, have a nice day!

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    Just purchased the PDF. Perfect timing with this book as I spent my entire last week buried in your website watching tutorials and creating a new WP site. This will be a wonderful reference!! Thanks again!

  27. Permalink to comment#

    Awesome work! Love the creative energy!

    So are you publishing this yourself with the help of a local printer?

    Keep up the great work and the blog posts!

  28. Permalink to comment#


    What’s it looking like on the shipping end of things? How will I know when it’s out the door or when to expect it??


  29. Just ordered, I wish Canadian shipping was a bit cheaper, but I just don’t like reading things on a computer screen so I guess I’ll just suck it up and pay the shipping, looking forward to receiving the book.

    The quality looks amazing, and I was so happy when you said it was spiral bound I hate it when computer books spring closed on you while typing something in.

  30. wongtong
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    Good ,China can buy it?

  31. Thanks for the update. I am definitely interested.

  32. Danilo
    Permalink to comment#

    Congratulations on the book, you are a nice guy and share a lot to the cominity, hope sellings are great, best wishes and happy new year.

  33. Permalink to comment#

    too bad you missed the Xmas season. After Xmas, money is short. Before Xmas, it would make a great present.

  34. Josh
    Permalink to comment#

    Yeah I agree with Palusko – it woulda been worth it to burn the midnight oil every day to get this out prior to Dec of this year. Good luck on the book in any case!

  35. Permalink to comment#

    The “new book smell” justifies the price. Plus, no painful scrolling necessary.

  36. Permalink to comment#

    its cool! i have got this last version

  37. Matt
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    Price is a little steep but overall looks great. Good job.

  38. Super stoked to get my copy. I really like that the purchase of a print book includes the pdf. Best of both worlds.

  39. Ben
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    That’s quite alot of money. I don’t think I’ll get a print version.

  40. Permalink to comment#

    Hi! The book includes the new WP 2.9 features? Delivery to Argentina its available?

  41. Chad
    Permalink to comment#

    Definitely going to pick this up before my next project.

  42. This book intrigues me. But I tried the sample PDF and it is not formatted well for the Kindle. Any chance you are going to release a PDF formatted for the kindle (or make the kindle version available on

  43. Max
    Permalink to comment#

    Looks good, but still a little pricy?

    My main is issue is with WordPress itself. Its a great blog tool but there are better, easier to design for CMS platforms out there.

    Watching the recent screencasts on creating a custom theme for WordPress made me appreciate MODx all the more…

  44. Hannes
    Permalink to comment#

    96$ is far too expensive for me. What a shame, I would have loved to have this book.

    Why are international shipping costs so high? Aren’t they usually < 10$ for these kind of things?

  45. This book seems really awesome, it is however a bit pricey. :( The Print version that is. The PDF is at a great price!

  46. Hell yes!

    That is a pretty lookin book packed full of WP goodness! I’ll spread the word and pick up on myself too!

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