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CSS-Tricks Sporting a Freshened Up Design

Published by Chris Coyier

Did a little pre-spring-cleaning around here today

  • Lightened up the whole feel with the lighter textured background.
  • Added a link to the new videos section.
  • Make the subscribe section more obvious, and included the new video feed.

Really, it's not that different. It's just the background that makes it seem that way. My goal in the near future is to add a section (maybe in the sidebar) of links to my favorite examples.

Hopefully ya'll like it, but let me know either way.


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    Nice work! I just did a redesign myself – must be that time of year (no.. not that time). Cheers to refreshes!

  2. Flavia
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    Cheers from Italy :)

  3. Mukilan
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    Cool look..
    But some prob layout issues (footer) in IE6.

  4. Very nice and clean! And I love the addition of the videos!

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    Looks nice, Chris!

  6. The new design really brightens up the page. Kudos!

  7. A lot easier on the eyes!!
    Good job!

  8. mao
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    Parabems Chris! Congrats! This new design is fresh as an orange ;)

  9. I was hoping for an all flash website. Really let me down man!


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    Chris, I’m sorry but I don’t like the new design. The background looks like a paper bag from a local grocery store. The layout is “ok” but lacking some sort of separation. Under “Author” I can’t see your face because the text covers it. From the things I’ve seen posted here I know you can do a lot better.

    Take this as constructive criticism…

    I think your previous layout was a lot better.

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    Nice done, Chris. Only thing noticeably is that I get a horizontal scrollbar when viewing in 1024×768. That should not happen due to the fact that most computers use that resolution as default. I’m also working on a refreshing new design, although it won’t be the same eye-candy as this one, it’ll be lighter for the eye.

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