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CSS-Tricks Screencasts now on iTunes

Published by Chris Coyier

It took a little while, but the CSS-Tricks Video Screencasts are now listed properly in the iTunes podcast directory.


Even cooler, you can just straight up search for "CSS" in the iTunes search area and it comes up as one of the ones right in the Podcasts section. Right next to "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above". Perfect.


Here is the direct link:
CSS-Tricks Screencasts (iTunes Link)


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    Awesome! Look forward to watching them on my ipod on the way to school!

  2. Cool, great resource.

  3. Art
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    Love the podcast. Keep up the good work.

    I just bought an AppleTV and I am discovering more and more podcast through it. Unfortunately, when I try to pull up your podcast, it says that your podcast is not formatted for AppleTV.


  4. @Art: Hmmmmm. That sucks. This last one was in kind of a weird format but I plan to mostly do them in 800×600 since that seems to be a nice size where you can see the code and there is enough working room. Seems like the AppleTV should have no problem with 800×600, but I don’t have one to test with. I’m gonna make sure the next screencast is 800×600, so let me know if that works OK or if you get the same error.

  5. Edwin
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    Today I connected my iPod Classic to my Mac again to synchronize and suddenly I get the error that your video’s can’t be played at my iPod. All of them (seven now) are listed within the error and they won’t be copied to my iPod. Isn’t that strange? I didn’t listen to any Podcast before, but I am a little dissapointed that I can’t view the video’s on my iPod now… Somebody had the same problem?

  6. @Edwin:

    Sorry about the Edwin. The videos are 800x600px wide, which I guess is not compatible with iPods. I’m kind of torn about what to do here. The videos are going to have a lot of coding in them, so the reason I went with that size is so that you could see the text I am typing. I am afraid that making the video small enough for an iPod Classic screen will result in not being able to see the code at all which would make the screencasts kind of useless.

    Perhaps I could record at the smaller size and then the text would appear larger on screen, but it will be really hard to show a whole web browser window in that area let alone photoshop documents and palettes and stuff.

    I’m afraid there isn’t just a simple answer for this. As I think most people will get more out of it watching it on a bigger screen on a computer and perhaps being able to follow along, I’m going to leave it as is. If there is a major public outcry for smaller size, perhaps I can shoot an alternate video for that or something.

  7. Edwin
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    Thanks for your response Chris, I understand your choise and think that your are right. I keep on watching them on my macbook. I thought it maybe would be handy to watch them on my iPod when I am on the road but it would be too small indeed to read everything. Thanks anyway and keep on the good work! Thanks again for spreading all your knowledge :)

  8. Cliff
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    Excellent series, but cannot for the life of me get the podcasts to sync with iPod Touch. :(

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