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CSS-Tricks Chronicle X

Published by Chris Coyier

The next conference I'll be at is Webstock. I leave for it in a few weeks. It's in New Zealand, about as far away from home as I can get without going into space. I'm going a week early to check out the area a bit.

I fly straight to In Control after that, in Florida.

The Pastry Box Project has kicked off anew in 2013 with a fresh group including me. Here's my first entry. And here's the fundraiser to turn 2012 into a book.

Lots going on at CodePen!

Lots more coming as well. Several big features under development and a list a mile long for more.

I cleaned up the Bookshelf around here, with my latest greatest recommended reading on front end development and design.

I'm embarrassed to say it took me this long, but I've finished writing all the articles that go with all the videos in The Lodge. There are over 150 videos and that was a lot to write! It almost takes as long to write the descriptions than to shoot the videos.

I've started to record an entire brand new series for The Lodge. More on that soon.

Two free videos have been posted since the last Chronicle. One about GitHub pull requests and the other introducing CodePen PRO. Hoping to shoot one or two new ones in the next few days.


  1. Always nice to be kept up to date. Have fun in NZ!

    BTW there are a few mistakes in the section about the Lodge.

  2. New Zealand … that’s about a 2 hour timezone from here … nice and close.
    You must be one of those poor Northern Hemisphere souls … :(

    Perhaps you can calculate a study or scheme (CSS) to avoid jet lag?

  3. martin
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    When are you going to get over to the UK or, better still, Ireland?

  4. Wow, CodePen has evolved a lot since last time I looked at it.

  5. MarkV
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    Welcome to the southern hemisphere my man. InCtrl Hawaii was nice but they don’t have Hobbits :) Check this out and organise a tour Lord of the Ring NZ.

  6. Inderplus
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    I am in love with CodePen.

  7. Yahoeshua
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    Looking forward to the Lodge updates. It’s a wonderful asset. Great work.

  8. Gareth
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    Whilst in NZ, come down south. It’s quite pretty down here at the moment…

  9. You’ll love NZ… Damn, I’d love it, too.
    Lucky man.

  10. Counting down the days to Webstock – Looking forward to a dose of inspiration. (And all-you-can-eat ice-cream and coffee doesn’t sound too bad either…).
    See you in NZ.

  11. Kristina
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    You’ll love Webstock! I wish I were going this year… Enjoy!

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