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CSS-Tricks Chronicle IX

Published by Chris Coyier

In the search box on you can now limit searches to just "articles" which has been a long-needed feature. I'm having that return results from the blog, the snippets, or the alamanac - which are all essentially the same format.

I posted the slides yesterday for my talk A Modern Web Designer's Workflow, and today Future Insights released the video of it from Future of Web Design New York.

And here's another version of it from a smaller/longer WordPress focused event.

I was interviewed alongside Dave Rupert in a recent Responsive Design Weekly email.

There is a new ad for Treehouse in the sidebar of the site (lower down on smaller screens). I wanted it to be a fun interactive experience. Treehouse has some new content on using jQuery, so I focused on that. Below the simple advertisement is a bit of jQuery code and a "Run Code" button. You can click the button to run that bit of code on the advertisement. It does different things like affect the markup, add classes, and animate things. It's just to wet your whistle for what jQuery can do and hopefully you'll be enticed to learn more.

I plan to do a tutorial on how it was made since there is some interesting stuff going on there I think.

ShopTalk has being going strong. We've had some great episodes lately. I feel like having Zeldman on in the first year is a pretty big milestone.

We added Disqus comments to all episodes on ShopTalk now, so the conversation can continue after the show is over.

And the biggest ShopTalk news? We have T-Shirts now!

I posted a new video where I answer a bunch of forums posts. Might make a bit of a series about it since it was pretty fun to do.

The RSS subscribers to this site, as reported by FeedBurner, crossed the 100,000 mark for the first time. Gosh I hope FeedBurner doesn't shut down. I'm not sure there is any clean way to update every subscribers subscription URL should that happen.

Facebook likes for this site crossed 10,000.

Speaking of the new video and RSS and stuff, there is a page for all subscription options, should you want to customize what you get from CSS-Tricks.

Random non-web things...

I've been making the jump off iTunes into Rdio and it's awesome. I can't believe I held out for so long.

I've been playing a bit of Guild Wars 2 and it's real fun. Character "Skcirt" (tricks backwards) on Kaineng.

I just finished reading The Night Circus which I enjoyed quite a bit. Started into A Discovery of Witches which is starting out good too (Vampires and Witches in academia!).


  1. Berni
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    Hey Chris!

    thanks for the great work that you do!

    I hope that you keep using iTunes for you Podcasts cause in Austria we don’t have Rdio.

  2. Diane
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    Those are both awesome books!

  3. Permalink to comment#

    Very nice, but I really don’t fancy the Disqus. I have subscribed to several topics with them, and the e-mails that arrive have a broken link in them. So, I never comment with disqus anymore :(

  4. john
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    Love the idea of the forum series, especially since they’ve really become such a valuable resource. A live questions/answer series would be interesting also (and easy because of codepen). Hope to see you in-game sometime! You should do a post on your personal blog with more info (faction, class, etc) when you get a chance.

  5. I’m a big fan of Treehouse, haven’t tried out the jQuery modules though. Congratulations on the subscriber count, I haven’t got quite so many! I think if Feedburner shuts down, they’ll give us enough notice.

  6. Jilesh
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    Can you please tell me how did you do the footer line animation.

  7. Jilesh
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    I am waiting for your reply…….

    • John
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      @jilesh, He goes over all of that in his V10 redesign series over at the lodge, I recommend checking it out there. You will learn plenty.

    • on hover

      .link-list a:hover > span, .link-list a:focus > span {
      background-position: -100% 0;
      transition: background 0.4s ease 0s;

  8. jilesh
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    Thank you so much John :)

  9. Permalink to comment#

    I think a nice addition would being able to sort the snippets by view and add a vote/like/thumbs up feature so you can sort by most viewed or most popular.

    Likewise with the snippets I think tags would be helpful. I like the snippets section but feel like it could be more usable. Thanks for the great work!

  10. Dan O
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    If you are liking those types of horror books, you might like my friend’s revival of the classic vampire book:

  11. jilesh
    Permalink to comment#


    Please tell me if there is any forum for fluid CSS Beginners

  12. jilesh
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    waiting for your reply………..

  13. Louis
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    I clicked on the Treehouse ad just to see the frog! Brings back (fond) memories :D

  14. jilesh
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    Please tell me if there is any forum for fluid CSS Beginners.

    help me :)

  15. Permalink to comment#

    A thought for the FeedBurner/RSS updates: you could point all subscribers to a page on your site and use .htaccess to redirect (non-permanently) it to the FeedBurner URL. If FeedBurner ever was to go down, change the .htaccess file on your site to the new feed location.

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