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CSS Skill Level Survey RESULTS

Published by Chris Coyier

....and the results are in!

As of this morning, 735 people responded to the CSS Skill Level survey. This was really interesting for me because until now I really had no idea what kind of skill level the readers of CSS-Tricks where at. I'm impressed!


I hope to keep this information in mind as I am coming up with tutorial ideas in the future. Although, as always, posts will be vary in topic and will likely span all the different skill levels. I'll leave up the survey for a few days and then will likely be starting a new one.

2008 is going to bring all kinds of new things to CSS-Tricks so stay tuned!


  1. Kyle Kinnaman
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    I enjoy reading this site, not because I hope to learn a great deal more but because I want to remember a great deal more. There are always parts of the XHTML/CSS/Jscript world that I neglect for a time and return to at a later date. CSS-Tricks certainly has taught me a few things but it’s been a better resource for making me find a better, simpler way to do things.

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    Uau! I’d really like to meet those 30 guys/girls! :) Thanks for the effort, Chris! I’ve actually been using your levels quite a lot. Have a splendid year!

  3. So reading what the stats say, were do you base most of your tips, tricks etc? Between the 3-5 level?

  4. @Kyle Kinnaman: Thanks for the compliment! That means a lot and is exactly what I hope people can get out of this site. I am often not breaking any new ground or showcasing never-seen-before tricks, but just showing little techniques or ideas meant to remind you about possibilities.

    @Yaili: Thanks! You too!

    @Jermayn Parker: That’s the thing, I haven’t really though about trying to “target” any specific skill level before. Now that I have the stats, I might think about it a bit more often.

  5. Just out of curiousity, how did you rank people who said they were 3/4 or 4/5? I mean people who said they were a half rank?

  6. @Andy Matthews: Halfsies weren’t available in the poll obviously, but quite a few people did leave comments over the course of all the posts on this subject saying they were “between” levels. Perhaps that justifies expanding it a bit – Maybe a 10-level thing someday. I think I would struggle with that though, it is kind of a hard thing to do since I wanted to stay rather subjective and abstract.

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    I would rank myself at a 4 or 5 at this point, and I find your articles very useful!

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