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Personal Blogs of Web People That I Like To Read

Published by Chris Coyier

My favorite blogs are personal blogs of one person. I like it when blogs "have a voice" and personal blogs can't help but have that since all the writing is by the same person. I read a bunch of them and I thought I'd share. Below is a big ol' list that are specifically people that blog, generally, about web stuff - be it design, development, entrepreneurship, typography, business, illustration, whatever. You probably know a lot of them. Maybe some of them you don't.

I feel a little bad because, really, I should write up a little bit about what each person tends to write about and why I like them. It was an awful lot of work just putting this together though, so I'll have to leave that for another time.

If you aren't on this list, sorry 'bout that, you should leave a comment below and share your blog. If you are actively writing about nerdy web stuff, I totally want to read it.

Yaron Schoen Website Feed
Oli Studholme Website Feed
Ben Bleikamp Website (no feed)
Joe Lifrieri Website Feed
Thibaut Sailly Website Feed
Chris Wallace Website Feed
Darcy Clarke Website Feed
Dave Rupert Website Feed
Leah Culver Website Feed
Eric Meyer Website Feed
Mark Otto Website Feed
Dustin Curtis Website Feed
Brian Hoff Website Feed
Stephanie Rewis Website Feed
Rogie King Website Feed
Craig Hockenberry Website Feed
John Dyer Website Feed
Kit MacAllister Website Feed
Lea Verou Website Feed
Luc Latulippe Website Feed
Richard Rutter Website Feed
Matt Mullenweg Website Feed
Andy Croll Website Feed
Andrew Nacin Website Feed
Daniel Mall Website Feed
Andy Clarke Website Feed
Whitney Hess Website Feed
Marco Arment Website Feed
Kyle Meyer Website Feed
Jason Kottke Website Feed
Mathias Bynens Website Feed
Tim Van Damme Website Feed
Divya Manian Website Feed
Sarah Parmenter Website Feed
Simurai Website Feed
Estelle Weyl Website Feed
Brandon Mathis Website Feed
Tab Atkins Website Feed
David Leggett Website Feed
Cabel Sasser Website Feed
Jessica Caldwell Website Feed
Mark Jaquith Website Feed
Jacob Cass Website Feed
Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain Website Feed
Zoe Mickley Gillenwater Website Feed
Jeremy Keith Website Feed
Mark Grabanski Website Feed
Alex Sexton Website Feed
Andy Baio Website Feed
Jörn Zaefferer Website Feed
Ethan Marcotte Website Feed
Brandon Aaron Website Feed
Chris Shiflett Website Feed
Steve Souders Website Feed
M. Jackson Wilkinson Website Feed
James Padolsey Website Feed
Remy Sharp Website Feed
Peter-Paul Koch Website Feed
Jonathan Snook Website Feed
Mandy Brown Website Feed
Aarron Walter Website Feed
Andy Rutledge Website Feed
Darren Hoyt Website Feed
Jason Beaird Website Feed
Derek Powazek Website Feed
Dustin Diaz Website Feed
Elliot Jay Stocks Website Feed
Garrett Dimon Website Feed
Ryan Seddon Website Feed
Justin Tadlock Website Feed
Dan Cederholm Website Feed
John Nack Website Feed
Steve Smith Website Feed
Jeffrey Zeldman Website Feed
Mike Rundle Website Feed
Dave Shea Website Feed
David Walsh Website Feed
Eric Wendelin Website Feed
Matt Varone Website Feed
Mark Boulton Website Feed
Meagan Fisher Website Feed
Anil Dash Website Feed
Chris Spooner Website Feed
Jon Hicks Website Feed
Marco Kuiper Website Feed
David Airey Website Feed
John Gruber Website Feed
Luke Wroblewski Website Feed
Rebecca Murphey Website Feed
Doug Neiner Website Feed
Joost DeValk Website Feed
Jeff Starr Website Feed
Nicolas Gallagher Website Feed
Soh Tanaka Website Feed
Jeff Croft Website Feed
Cameron Moll Website Feed
Jon Tan Website Feed
Kevin Rose Website Feed
Trent Walton Website Feed
Sam Brown Website Feed
Shaun Inman Website Feed
Noah Stokes Website Feed
Mike Davidson Website Feed
Kristen Symonds Website Feed
Garrett Murray Website Feed
Lee Munroe Website Feed
Kyle Steed Website Feed
Jina Bolton Website Feed
Kyle Bragger Website Feed
Jason Santa Maria Website Feed
Nicole Sullivan Website Feed
Kat Neville Website Feed
Mike Hostetler Website Feed
Michael Lopp Website Feed
Larissa Meek Website Feed
Steven Wittens Website Feed
Seth Godin Website Feed
Alex Payne Website Feed
Greg Storey Website Feed
Tiffani Jones Brown Website Feed
Khoi Vinh Website Feed
Steve Gibson Website Feed
Andy Budd Website Feed
Olav Bjorkoy Website Feed
Paul Irish Website Feed
Veerle Pieters Website Feed
Rob Glazebrook Website Feed
Trevor Davis Website Feed
Tim Wright Website Feed
Bill Scott Website Feed
Tim Kadlec Website Feed
Christian Watson Website Feed
Lukas Mathis Website Feed
Cindy Li Website Feed
Jack Osborne Website Feed
Aaron Irizarry Website Feed
Patrick Haney Website Feed
Ryan Irelan Website Feed
Roger Johansson Website Feed
Paddy Donnelly Website Feed
Kyle Simpson Website Feed
Erica Sirotich Website Feed
Radu Chelariu Website Feed
Jessica Hische Website Feed

Here's an OPML file of all of them that should work, for those that want to mass-import.


  1. I just recently started blogging at The blog is fully responsive as well! Check it out. :)

  2. Wow, you read a lot of blogs.

  3. Holy! That is an extensive list. Thanks for all the reading material… I’m sure my clients and their now-soon-to-be-late-projects-thanks-to-you will be thankful ;).

    • haha, good one.

      but yes, great list, only one of the blogs on that list i’ve ever heard of so lots of new reading for me.

    • Tomorrow’s post: “Chris Coyier’s Superhuman Time Management Skills”

      Have you found some way to suspend sleep? Are you working on 30 hour days? Did you find a flux capacitor lying around somewhere?

  4. Wow didn’t expect a list as long as that one.

  5. Chris

    I try to update mine… but sometimes I get busy

  6. My blog is a crowded space of creative writing, rants, essays, poems and deep-felt reflections on life, relationships, sex, technology, Facebook, religion, even some incarceration. Enjoy.

  7. Danny

    Nice list, got an OPML file we can grab?

  8. I keep hoping that now that I’m blogging more frequently, that I’ll start showing up on lists like this. Very extensive, I’ll have to check out some of the people who I don’t already know!

  9. Now if you were just gonna recommend 5, which 5 would it be? I don’t know if I can follow that many people, I think my RSS reader would explode!

  10. No Frank Chimero?

  11. Holy bejesus that is a long list.

    Perfect timing though, I was just about to write you a message about this very thing!


    Seriously although its not a web tech blog, a great resource otherwise & have influenced the way I live much.

  13. I attempt to update the ineradicable with juicy morsels of technical black magic, but sometimes end up down the pub.

  14. Wow, what a list. Do you keep up with these daily? Check out my blog as well, always blogging about wonderful web things and css : )

  15. Amazing! Nice List! Have found a few really good blogs in the list and subscribed them too. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I blog about webdesign at you forgot me

  17. and by reading, i mean…..i have them all in my rss reader and glance at their topics once or twice a week lol

  18. wow, that’s a huge list, I am surprised that how much time you spend on these blogs? :) I just follow 3-4 blogs.

  19. I swear your days must have way more hours in them than mine! You must have excellent time management skills.

  20. Wow, what a list! There are quite a few familiar faces, but many many more new folks to explore.

    If you’d like to take a look, I write about web nerd stuff (often focusing on web type).

    Thanks for sharing, Chris!

  21. Thanks for the mention / reading Chris! The feeling is mutual

  22. Omg, you read a lot on the web ! You read each of the blogs mentioned everyday/week? Thanks for the list.. will try to check them out.. :)

  23. I definitely *don’t* need to subscribe to all those blogs if I want to keep some of my spare time…

    My personal blog on which I try to appear smart is located at The design is still not finished, but it’s better to have something right?

  24. I can’t believe you would publish a list post!! What a sell-out!!


    But seriously, great list, will have to check out some of the ones I don’t recognize.

  25. Information Overload?

  26. Pippo

    Nothing personal man, but have you got a life? :P

    • Yes I do. Although I admit I spend quite a bit of time doing computerty stuff. You’d be even more appaled at my actual list of feeds, which is I’m sure three or more times as many feeds.

    • When do you get time to practice your guitar dude :| :P

  27. Man! i can’t say anything…i am just marveled.

  28. You sure have a of blogs to follow and they all seem pretty informative. I’ll try to follow some too! Do you follow other blogs that are not tech related?

  29. To all the people who think this is a lot of blogs… that’s what RSS readers were invented for! Not only do they organise it all into tidy headlines you can quickly scan through, they contain a magical “mark all as read” button!

    RSS is one of the best bits of the web!

    Find mine at

  30. I have been through the whole content of this blog which is very informative and knowledgeable stuff, So i would like to visit again.web design company india

  31. The “John Dyer” feed link doesn’t work!

    Here’s mine. It can be a little more lighthearted sometimes which I think would be good for you :-)

    Latest Article: Top 3 Uses for Dropbox

  32. Holy Crap… thats a ton of reading!!! Not enough girls in this field :(

    • Agreed! But I hope nobody thought I was being sexist. There are quite a few women in there and those are some of my favorites in the whole list. It’s just symptomatic of the field as a whole, which I’m sure you’ve noticed =)

    • Nothing but a challenge for the ladies to represent our skills and serve as role models for other young women. No hard feelings, Chris.

    • Why the heck aren’t you on my list?! Everybody read Louis’ blog:

    • Ha… thanks for the mention. : ) But there are some really talented people on this list and I’d feel pretty uncomfortable being on it. But feel free to add me if you reaaalllly want to… :)

  33. Matt Royce

    I’ll put a date in my calendar for when I’m going to read through all of them. ;)

  34. Looks more like a “Who’s Who” list than something you’d have in your RSS reader.

    • Yeah but they have personal blogs with rss feeds and they write about web design stuff, so why wouldn’t you read them in your RSS reader?

    • Writings by smart people are the only thing that should be in an RSS feed. Too much crappy content to filter out otherwise.

  35. What an honor :) You can’t tell, but I’m totally blushing.

    Rock on Chris.

  36. You can subscribe to bundle here:
    Chris Coyier Subscriptions

  37. I always check out .
    It’s a great site ever.

  38. Jon

    good stuff I really want to start my own blog

  39. Nice website love the layout so clean and uncluttered, what all websites should be like, check out mine which covers gaming news , any feed back on how it can be improved is most welcome.

    • Super clean gaming site and looks like a lot of hard work on you part has paid off in readers. Inspiring how you have content organized, for example by gaming platform.

  40. Thx Chris for sharing this stuff.
    That is a vary outstanding collection.

    I open your site once a day, keep up with what you are doing. You are a vary passioned guy.

  41. This is nice, I haven’t even heard/seen the work of most of these people before. I’ve bookmarked this list but please sort it alphabetically for easier reading. Thanks.

  42. I’ve just recently started blogging about web development and am in the process of creating several useful tools on my site to both showcase my work and allow others to use freely. It’s time I got all my ideas out and share the love… :) Check it out at, thanks.

  43. What about Gerard Ferrandez’s¿? He’s a GENIUS with JavaScript. It’s not really about snipets or stuff like that, more like pieces of art:

  44. whoa! such a long list!! Gotta check them out!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  45. Nice list, added straightly to my feeddemon database ;D

  46. I would have loved this list if it had 5-10 people. Too much choice is no longer a choice.

  47. Great, thanks! We started a special designers blog too not a so long time ago. Woul you like to check it out? The blog is about ideas, about sharing the ideas.

    Imagine if you have a notebook of ideas and you make it public. Well. maybe it is hard to understand…

  48. Fred

    I.m.o. such a long list of personal blogs HAS to include Francisco Inchauste!
    His texts are certainly among the best! Give it a try at!

  49. I just started blogging. Trying to write good articles but getting zero traffic. My blog is

  50. Yashodhan Deshmukh

    The information shared is good but its too much at a time.
    Instead you can do like blog of the week or blog of the day and post the blog and author of it like his or her interview kind of thing, and categories it as the topics in it.

  51. Holy snap, that is a gigantic list! I thought I was quite the nerd for subbing to a bunch of blogs….apparently not nearly as much as I had thought.

    I also agree that blogs by one person are my favorites (though I love nettuts), smaller blogs are just….so personal. That care and personal touch that comes from a single mind and voice is a powerful connection. It’s also easier for them to connect to readers vs. big websites that have tons of authors. Great list.

  52. Hi Chris,

    Nice list… found some really great blogs that I previously did not know about. I have an art directed blog that I have been working on for a year or so. It can be found here: I update it on a pretty regular basis.

  53. Michael

    What. A. List.

    Thanks! Being a newbie/wannabe to the design/ux industry this is a great list. So much useful information. Thanks again!

  54. Only a few I recognise. I feel so out of touch. Do you just use your reader or visit the sites directly?

    I’ve got my new wordpress up this week. I’ve overriden the ‘posted by [link]heydon[/link]’ line in the post meta with ‘by Heydon, of course’ : )

  55. I started reading my email for the first time since last week, and it’s full of e-mail! Seriously, I started reading it around 5:00pm, with around 500 emails; and right now it’s only 11:24pm, and I only have 389 emails to read!

    I just wonder how you get through all of your email, how you’re able to do so many things at once, man. How do you do it? Please send me an e-mail. I really want to know this!

  56. My personal blog on which I try to appear smart is located at The design is still not finished, but it’s better to have something right?

  57. its awesome blogs i like them all thanks buddy

  58. Thanks so much for including my blog here, Chris! Sorry for being slow to notice. I freakin’ love your comment design, btw!

  59. Hey Chris,

    I have no idea why you listed me since I’m so bad about updating my blog, but what a huge compliment! I am such a fan of yours and to even imagine that someone like you has peeked at my little site is mind blowing. I’m definitely going to check out the others you listed and stock up on inspiration.

    Keep up the good work!


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  61. Permalink to comment#

    Hey Guys,

    New at the whole blog thing but a ton of great articles here to learn from. I started a new website called and have added a blog to it and wondering how to get traffic towards both my website and blog. the blog is thxs cheers mate !!

  62. Good list. I’m always looking for good resources. Thanks for the post.

  63. Helen
    Permalink to comment#

    Lea’s blog’s missing a dot (.)

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