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The Best of CSS-Tricks Tutorials: Ten Free Downloadable Examples!

Published by Chris Coyier

Welcome to CSS-Tricks! We've been busy trying to bring you tips, techniques, and tutorials about using Cascading Style Sheets. Along the way, we've written up a number of example pages showcasing various techniques. If you are new here, here is a look back at some of those examples:

Apple-Like CSS Menu

How To Set Up Alternate Style Sheets

Images in All Four Corners of a Webpage

Exploding CSS Menu

Fade Out Bottom of a Webpage

Expandable "Note" Box DIV

Homebase, a Free CSS Template

Hang Tab

A Background for Embedded YouTube Videos

Crazy Menu


  1. Some of those are nice and handy while others are plain silly and pointless but it is a nice list

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    Crazy Menu is a variant of the W3C Confetti Menu.

    I also made two variants, just for fun:

    outline variant

    border variant

    Nice work on the downloadables.

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    Yes, indeed it is a variant of the confetti menu. Your examples are much nicer =), but they lack that “stretchyness” that was a part of the original.

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    Yes, I did not do the overflow for some reason. Letter-spacing on :hover might be a nice trick to expand them. Anyway, good post. I like the note box thingie. Very attractive.

  5. Excellent.

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