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9 Awesome CSS Themed T-Shirts

Published by Chris Coyier

Show off your inner design nerd with these CSS-themed T-Shirts. The holiday season is coming up too... if you know any hardcore CSS buffs that need some style for their body =) Click the T-Shirts for links to their respective stores.

'Styled' Black T-Shirt

CSS Sucks

IE Bugs Me

Geeks have no style


No Comment

(This one is just plain nerdy) I'm only here because my server is down




  1. Bob
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    I love that the first shirt comes in multiple colors, but….. the CSS is the same.

  2. That is hilarious the first shirt comes in different colors, I didn’t realize that, totally ruins the whole point.

  3. Load cell
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    Good comments

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    can i use that design for my own shirt, or can you tell me where i can purchase that shirt, thanks

  5. Maybe there is an embedded style in the tag that overrides the style on the front of the shirt! :~)

    Thank you,
    Jim Summer
    Jacksonville Web Design

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    lol, i loce this one “I’m only here because my server is down”…

    that is for sure me, wish i can buy it!

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    Really the t shirts are awesome like the title to this article !! Excellent..People will appreciate it..

  8. LOL Thanks for the feature! (mine is the style=”none”) I’ve bookmarked this site for all the cool articles. Keep up the good work!

  9. 3Djade
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    I liked the IE Bugs Me t-shirt

  10. We’re working on some CSS themed shirts here at TypographyShop. If you’ve got a clever CSS shirt idea drop us a line at the site.

  11. Here’s a nice collection of webdesign-related t-shirts.

  12. Bicycle Made For One
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    I don’t get the “Panic” T-shirt.

    What am I missing?

    I can’t see the CSS angle in that shirt.

  13. Some more CSS shirts over at Shirts for Coders.

  14. You have think geek beat on some of these…

  15. I just found Christmas gifts for my whole office.

    I’m going to buy the image replacement one for myself.

  16. rahul
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    can i buy them? this is a cool collection of geek shirts. i stumbled across another such post of geek shirts as well and that post had a lot of cool and geeky t shirts

    link text

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    My favourite is “Geeks have no style”.

  18. darren
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    Haa — “no comment” my favorite.

    Ampertee -has some pretty cool Ampersand (&) tees for sale for all you css-savy guys — all in web-fonts no less. Sweet idea.

  19. nich
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