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Are My Sites Up PREMIUM

Published by Chris Coyier

Check out Abe up there hanging out. Abe is pretty stoked about the new Premium Service over on Are My Sites Up, and I am too. I really think any serious freelancer or web design agency should have at least some kind of system in place to be keeping an eye on their sites. These things are your babies, you should be responsible with them!

The new Premium Service has some awesome new features, some of which have just went out in the last couple days. Check out the spread:

More Sites

You'll be able to check 60 sites with our premium service.

RSS Feeds

Premium subscribers will have access to a secure RSS feed of their site notifications. There are lots of powerful options here, including integrating Are My Sites Up with your own system for tracking site data.

Keyword Search

Your site checks can optionally include looking for special keywords on your page. If we don't find them, we will notifiy you. This is a powerful checking option that can warn you about, among other things, database outages.

Faster site checks

Your sites will be checked every 15 minutes (or faster!) with our premium service. That means you'll be able to react quicker to any problems on your website.

No Ads

While logged into our site, you will never see an advertisement. This also includes advertisements in emails.

Twitter Integration

Premium subscribers may enter their Twitter user name and they will receive Direct Message (DM) site notifications.

More to come

There are more features coming! Ideas include: statistics on your sites, mobile interface, Instant Message integration, and more! These will only be available to premium subscribers.

Premium Service is regularly priced at $75/year, but there is a few days left on our Launch Special. If you upgrade by this Sunday, you can get it for $60, which is only five bucks a month. Or, one dollar per site per year. No wonder Abe is so happy.


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    My site went down last night and sure enough I got a message within minutes stating so.
    To my suprise I also received another email when the site was back up. Great service!

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    Can you provide an example of how someone would use your Keyword Search feature?

    • Sure Joe,

      See in my sidebar on this site, the first bit of text is for the RSS feed and it says “Articles RSS”. That is the string that I search for when I added this site.

      So let’s say something goes wonky with my database here. What is likely to happen is that WordPress will look for it, fail, and the screen will say “Error establishing database connection”. Now there is nothing wrong with the server itself, it is responding just how it should and there will be no error code.

      BUT, clearly there is something wrong with the site. With that keyword search, AMSU will not find that string I told it to look for, and mark the site as down.

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    It is not Working properly although. It is based on ISPs’ if they can spider the server or not.

    My sites was up, BUT i got notiffied they are down. I am monitoring my sites with an other programm also, which did not notified at all :)

  4. mokin
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    Give us the opportunity to pay for 3 month, then I`ll test the prem Service ^^

  6. This is a great service. I currently subscribe to another very similar service (Pingdom) and I am not 100% happy with them. Looking forward to seeing how AMSU (non-Premium for now) stacks up.

  7. crypta
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    For my two sites, in one day it’s said that all two were down, but it weren’t. I don’t know why..

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    This is pathetic..nice try to get money asshole

    your service sucks

    • Awwwww. I love you too!

    • Hes making sites that are useful to web designers which are probably costing him quite a fair bit to maintain so, whats wrong with offering a premium version to offset those costs abit? :-)

    • Nouman Saleem
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      Service sucks? ha…no. My clients were trilled to see how crappy their web host was and switched to a new one which in return built up trust and led to another job :)

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    Check resolution is still slow, pingdom offers me 1 minute checks, unless thats going to change at AMSU im not moving :)

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