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How to Redirect index.html to index.php

Just this past week I finished up with a redesign project for a client and took the project live. Later on in the afternoon the day of the launch, the client called me:

Client: I just clicked on our


The All-Expandable Box

I wrote a guest tutorial over on Web Designer Wall detailing how to create an All-Expandable Box. This is a box that will expand both vertically and horizontally when text is resized in a browser, while maintaining the graphically …


Links of Interest

Keep your list items INSIDE

There is quickie CSS trick over on Free CSS Templates reminding about the list-style-position property and how you use it to keep your list items inside your list instead of (weirdly) defaulting outside.



Big Stories on Web Design this Month

This is kind of a Links of Interest post, but I wanted to highlight these things extra-specially:

A Preview of HTML 5

I know everyone and their mother is going to be linking to this article, and I also know …


How To Steal A Websites Background Image

Note: this should only be used for the powers of good! Don't go around stealing people's background images and using them on your own site without asking!

Many sites employ the use of a background image. They range from absolutely,


Links of Interest

If you come from a print background at all, one of the things you might sorely miss is the concept of "tabs". For example, think of a restaurant menu where the title of the dish is on the left, then …


My 5 Favorite WordPress CSS Tricks

UPDATE October 2012: This article is almost five years old. It contains a bunch of stuff I'd never do anymore. Rather than delete it, I'm going to update each section with better information. 1. em strong

Perhaps more than I …


Using CSS in HTML Emails: The Real Story

Should you be sending HTML emails at all?

This is surely a debated issue, but ultimately I say if you have a message you feel would benefit from a nicely designed email you should go for it. If you just …


Links of Interest

If you've ever had to deal much with your .htaccess files, you know it's like learning a whole new cryptic language onto itself. It's high time someone made it easy. This online generator takes you through the options in …


Avoid “CSS Jitter”

With more power, comes more responsibility.

One of the things that CSS allows you to control is the hover state of many objects, most notably, anchor (<a>) elements. Typically, the hover state is styled with color changes, or perhaps something …


Quick Tip: Making a ‘Print This Page’ Button

Why bother?

Most people know how to print a web page, so including a "Print This Page" button on a website is often overkill. But there are some circumstances where it really makes sense. I just came across one of …


Links of Interest

  • I wrote a guest post over on Tutorial Blog about taking control of image rollovers. In the tutorial, I show 5 different techniques for image rollovers ranging from relatively simple borders, to going from black and white to color,

Quick CSS Trick: How To Center an Object Exactly In The Center

I recently needed to make a placeholder page for a site. I wanted the logo image to be centered exactly in the middle of the screen, that is, both vertically and horizontally centered. Quickly, I thought I'd just give the …


Making the Most of the Limited Choices in Web Typography

So, what do we really have here?

As far as variety of font choices, things are pretty bleak. But Helvetica isn't on pretty much every computer in the world because it's a bad font. It's actually a great font if …


Tips For Creating Great Web Forms

1. Use Labels

You don't need labels for your form to work, but as one CSS-Tricks reader once put it, it is an accessibility crime not to use them. Labels are what signify what the input box is for and …


9 Awesome CSS Themed T-Shirts

Show off your inner design nerd with these CSS-themed T-Shirts. The holiday season is coming up too... if you know any hardcore CSS buffs that need some style for their body =) Click the T-Shirts for links to their respective …


Internet Explorer Testing Done Right

Here is the deal: you gotta test in IE. You don't have to use it, you don't have to like it, but you have to test in it. But which version do you test in? A normal windows configuration only …


What is the Ideal Page Size for Quick Loading Pages?

First of all, what is "Page Size"?

Page size refers to the sum of all the elements it takes to render your page. That includes the HTML file, the CSS files, the images, the scripts, the multimedia...everything. Generally speaking, you


CSS Transparency Settings for All Browsers

Transparency is one of those CSS properties that has a weird history and requires lots of different properties and values to ensure cross browser compatibility that goes back as far as you can. To cover all your bases, you need …


Quick CSS Trick: Using Span to Break Up Words in URLS

My buddy Jermayn recently wrote a post (update: offline now) about best practices for writing out URLs with multiple words. This got me thinking there could be an easy way to do this with CSS just using the simple tag.…

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Links of Interest

The winner of the CSS Menu Maker iPhone contest was announced. The winning entry is really nice. I entered that sliding doors example I did a while ago, but it's not nearly as nice as the winner. It's a free …


State of the Blog: Statistics and Updates

Bye Bye BlogRush.
I really wanted to give BlogRush a healthy try, so it's been in the sidebar here for over a month, if not two. They have just released Phase 2, and it was just what I have been …


Accessibility Basics: How Does Your Page Look To A Screen Reader?

Good web designers spend a lot of time making their pages accessible. One way to think about accessibility is to think about the extreme case scenario of having every single thing deactivated on your site except plain old HTML. I'm …


Better Ordered Lists (Using Simple PHP and CSS)

Ordered lists are boring! Sure you can apply background images and do quite a bit of sprucing up to a regular ordered list, but you just don't get enough control over the number itself. Here is an example where you …


Alternative Style Links

The following post is a guest post, authored by Volkan Görgülü (email link) who has a passion for developing usable and accesible websites and writing well structured CSS and semantic (X)HTML.

You may know the classic link style …


Simple Tabbed Menu Using Sliding Doors (Downloadable)

I've touched on the "sliding doors" theory here a little bit before, but never with a full-blown example. If this is the first you are hearing of it, sliding doors is a technique which allows you to expand graphics "from


CSS Frameworks Roundup (and some thoughts)

The guiding theory behind CSS frameworks is saving time. If you write a lot of CSS, you know you write a lot of the exact same code over and over and over. There is something to be said of learning …


Matrix of Rollovers

Here is a bona fide little CSS-Trick for ya'll.

I knew I could make a "matrix" of squares with rollovers. Then I got to wondering if I could duplicate that matrix of rollovers elsewhere on the screen. I figured I …


A Nice & Simple Contact Form (Downloadable)

There are a million contact form examples out there, why this one?

  • It's SIMPLE
  • It's FREE
  • It WORKS
  • It's VALID
  • and it's styled with CSS

Take a look. Download it. Take it apart. Use it for whatever you'd like.

Check …


10 Beautiful and Functional RED Web Layouts

Sometimes looking at other sites is all the inspiration you need! Here are some nicely designed sites that I feel stay focused on functionality as well.

This post is brought to you by the color RED. (Also, see 10 Beautiful


Multiple Remote Linking: An Example and How-To

What is remote linking?

Remote linking is a rollover that affects another object on the page. The rollover can affect itself as well. This can be done with PURE CSS, making it a very cool and lightweight technique.

In …


Guest Post: Blue Flavor Header Design Technique

The following post is a guest post by authored by Jermayn Parker of GermWorks, a web and multimedia blog.

Headers are an important factor in web design, they can either make or break a design. Since web 2.0, we …


Links of Interest

Jared Schwager has an interesting idea on compressing CSS on-the-fly using PHP. Works pretty well. The end result is slightly quicker downloads and slightly quicker render times with a slightly higher burden on the server.

Fadtastic has a nice roundup …


The Perfect Fluid Width Layout

I've been thinking a lot about screen resolution lately and how the use of fluid width websites is the best way to accommodate all visitors screen resolutions. The alternative, static width websites, have to make a choice. You can optimize …


Links of Interest

Polishing your website. Nice overview about the subtleties and details of web design and how those details are what makes great websites.

Honeypot Captcha. It's like the Un-Captcha. Basically you hide the captcha with CSS. Bots see it, Humans …


Subtle Animations of Page Elements Using GIFs

I really like it when pages use really subtle animation to enhance different page elements. Check out the E-Junkie site and their little flame dude in the stamp as their logo. Every once in a while he blinks and it's …

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