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AMSU: Three Tiers of Premium + iPhone App v2.0

Published by Chris Coyier

We've been chugging along over at Are My Sites Up keeping things running smoothly and working on new features for ya'll. First and foremost, we were closed for new registrations for a while there while we worked out some growth issues. We're happy to say that's been worked out and we are open for new registrations again. So if you don't have a free account yet, go get one.

There are two big things I wanted to share:

1) Three Tiers of Premium Service

Previously, we were kind of "all or nothing" when it came to Premium features. Now we offer three different levels: Standard, Plus, and Pro. All of the levels offer faster checks and more sites starting at just $25/year for Standard. All the plans are just a buck a site, per year, or better. The higher plans offer more sites as well as even more features and integrations.

Check out the different plans.

2) iPhone App v2.0

We've always secretly had a v1.0 iPhone app available, but we were waiting for the full-featured v2.0 to say much. This new version not only gives you a dashboard view of all your sites and the current status, but gives you control over them as well. Add, edit, and delete sites directly from your phone. Planned future features include management of all your account settings.

The App works with ANY of the Premium plans.

App in iTunes Store


  1. Does the iPhone app use iPhone on Rails?

  2. Rik Girbes
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    Congratulations with your iphone/ipod app!!



  3. Joel Cummings
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    Is there Ever going to be a Blackberry Application for this service? It would be great if there was.

  4. I just have to say, AMSU has not been very reliable for me. It emails me sometimes to tell me my sites are down, when they are really up…

    I haven’t got any emails about my sites being down for about a week now, so I’m hoping you fixed the issue…

  5. What’s the advantage of AMSU as opposed to a site like which is free? It claims “You can add as many sites and users as you like.” and says it checks every 15 minutes. I haven’t used it, but from what they claim it seems pretty good.

    I’ve seen other free monitor sites like and (both in my bookmarks as well, just haven’t checked them out yet).

    • I think your best bet is to check out the features of the different services and decide what fits for you best. We definitely aren’t perfect for everyone, but I think we fit most web workers needs better than most.

      Unlimited SMS, Twitter integration, iPhone app, management of all your sites in one place with a single login, not to mention sparkling customer service! I think it’s a pretty compelling package.

  6. How about an G1 app? Don’t both phones run on Linux? I’d love to use it. Thanks bro.

    • One thing we offer on premium plans is an RSS feed of every one of your sites and it’s current status (instant site checks). So if there is an app already for the G1 that can read RSS feeds, you have at least a “dashboard” style app right there.

  7. Quite cool app.

  8. You should submit your app for review to my website, Lots of exposure there.

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