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The :empty pseudo selector will select elements that contain either nothing or only an HTML comment.

div:empty {
   display: none;

Will Match


<div><!-- test --></div>

Will Not Match

<div> </div>

  <!-- test -->


It's useful for hiding empty elements that might cause weird spacing (e.g. they have padding). Or something like removing the border from the top left table cell element in a cross-referencing table.

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any 3.1+ 1.5+ 9.5+ 9+ ? ?


  1. Henry
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    Loving the :empty pseudo selector – is especially good with BuddyPress template notices!

  2. Charles Walton
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    For reference, puesdoelements (:after/:before) don’t count as content. Check it:,css,output

  3. What about that css:

    *:empty {
    • Yeah, it’s gonna work. Might wanna use !important there as well.

      One useful example would be if you have hard-coded elements.
      You can use
      p:empty+hr {
      display: none

      That would hide unneeded separators.
      Tweak to your own preference.

  4. Permalink to comment#

    *:empty rule style even hr tag and <a>img tag</a>

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